And tomorrow?

"We've got to be daring, we have to know how to answer consumers who quest premium quality offers. Having said that, to pursue research and development we need to continue to invest to enhance our offer again and again, to diversify it... And that's costly, very costly". Olivier Poline

or the rather small-scale "Group", which rivals in particular with a handful of giants in Europe and throughout the world, gaining market share on exports means implementing cutting-edge strategies. It goes without saying that to be on a par with advances in market and research techniques, SMEs are obliged to invest intensely and to implement considerable means.

Aware of what is at stake in the short-term, the "Group" draws its strength from its unity. Its expertise in open-sea breeding in the Mediterranean and in on-land pen breeding, its fighting spirit and ability to rationalize resources, open up promising prospects.

"It's through a daring entrepreneurial initiative that we plan to share several costs with French leaders in the sector (mainly R&D, new products, breeding techniques, feed, etc.). We're working on a strategy that, through partnering, will enable us to surpass the critical size cap for these new investments. Objectives are clear-cut: a base of shared values, a strong identity and asserted territoriality, whilst maintaining financial self-sufficiency..." Philippe Riera