A French exception

The Gloria Maris Group is a benchmark for France in the aquaculture world. In 27 years the Group has climbed every step of the ladder of recognition, as regards the exceptional quality of its farming and its intensely-rigorous sustainable development production methods.

Quality, first and foremost.
There where bulk breeding is initiated, where quick profit is desired, open-sea aquaculture in Corsica and in Sardinia, as well as on-land pens in Gravelines, Noirmoutier and Trédarzec, is on the front line of premium markets.
As such, unlike certain rivals, the Group immediately opted for rigorous, small-scale, quality-focused production in line with protecting the environment and high product quality.
The Gloria Maris Group illustrates the position of the French market perfectly. The holding, which is sustainable, has led the company to become a recognized player in the vast world of aquaculture today: Low volume in the farms and pens, balanced, natural nutrition in keeping with the biology of the species, the result of research and development undertaken by the breeder, zero pesticide and an objective of zero treatment, fish-to-order, ensuring incomparable freshness... Cumulated with the benefits of highly-oxygenated sea water, where temperatures comply with the natural cycle of the various species and constant current flows provide breeding conditions that are rarely equalled and products with exceptional taste and nutritional qualities.

The Gloria Maris Group fish is exported throughout Europe and Asia.
"Thanks to the expertise of our teams, we fully master all stages of the production process, from larvae and alevins through to rearing and shipping. On each of our sites, where we breed 4 noble species: sea bass, sea bream, salmon basse and turbot, our management team are highly-respected aquaculture professionals". Philippe Riera

The multi-skilled expert

Henri Hellin
Chief Executive Aquanord

A pure product of the aquaculture world, Henri has perfect knowledge of every segment. His strength? A flair for organizing and technical versatility that includes biology, mechanics, electricity, hydraulics, ergonomics, risk management and production process automation.
This agricultural engineer, truly fascinated by systems and people is like a magician when it comes to synchronizing breeding - maintenance fishing/packaging - commercializing.
Henri, Philippe and Olivier form the keystone of the ambitious project pursued by the Gloria Maris Group: to promote French excellence in the sector.