The strength of a group

The aquaculture sector can look forward to a promising future. Although it may be disconcerted by particularly aggressive international competition, France definitely has the right arguments to regain its position as a leader, provided that it promotes its assets, of course: research on developing new species, focus on premium-quality production, environmental friendliness, etc.


In its strategy, the Gloria Maris Group gives priority to expertise and to individuals who are capable of prompting the highest possible added value to the activities of the Group's businesses.

The market and consumers quest premium-quality products. The consortium of companies that work together and propose sea bass, sea bream, salmon-basse (meagre), turbot, noble species bred in on-land pens or in the open sea, help the "Group" further consolidate its position of excellence.

Until now, aquaculture businesses in France had to face up to a critical size issue when "sparring" with major international groups. By pooling together relevant resources, by remaining focused on quality, research and innovation, the Gloria Maris Group can consider other great opportunities for an entire sector... Developing exports and an international presence.


Gloria Maris created in Corsica
Takeovers of Palma d’Oro, Sardinia
Fumet de l'Atlas, Morocco
Aquanord and EMG taken over
France Turbot, rearing sites and the hatchery taken over, Turbot activity
Gloria Maris Group established