A vocation, a passion

Philippe Riera
Chairman Gloria Maris Group

Philippe Riera is an entrepreneur who is above all fascinated by the sea. He created Gloria Maris in 1992, because he was convinced that Corsica, with its high-quality sea-water, had to take its rightful place at a time where marine aquaculture was in its infancy in France.

The adventure began in the Gulf of Valinco, in Campomoro.
This small-scale, 200-ton marine farm would rapidly become Corsica's number one performer. In 2006, the company was France's second most productive aquaculture farm. Since then, it has never stopped growing.

Its results and the recognition of the rigorous quality of Philippe Riera's production have convinced investors to back him in his new challenge - to make French marine aquaculture the benchmark in Corsica. As such, he invested in regenerating, first of all, Aquanord and EMG's activities, then Palma d'Oro's business in Sardinia and finally, France Turbot. In 2015, Gloria Maris became known as Acquadea. On the 3 sites that the company operates, it produces 1,000 tons of certified sea bass, sea bream and salmon bass (Label Rouge (red label), Label Bio (organic label), Bio Suisse (Swiss Organic), Friends of the Sea, French Aquaculture Charter, etc.).

Philippe Riera is a pioneer.
From the very beginning, he made a commitment for quality, a commitment to respect the environment and consumer expectations.

Philippe Riera also initiated the Tanguy Mission. Based on an inventory drawn up for the sector, this mission aims to highlight and analyse why France is lagging behind other European countries and to put the national aquaculture sector back in pole position. This mission will lead to regional development and guidance models for marine aquaculture, which plan to set sites aside for aquaculture.

The Gloria Maris Group is the leader in marine aquaculture in France. He is Corsica's leading exporter.


Annual production
3,200 t
Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Meagre, Turbot
20 million
Total workforce


Each entity of the "Group" has strong brand identity, benefits from a certain standing and cross-country recognition. Each entity was a pioneer and, as such, innovational, in the fields of breeding, sourcing, harvesting and shipping. In a market where most rivals use "push" techniques, the Gloria Maris Group favours the "pull" strategy. Our strengths. Ultra-fresh, noble species, incomparable flesh/ meat quality, resource pooling, in particular, in R&D, in partnership with "Nouvelles Vagues" and "Stella Mare" platforms for selecting new species.